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How To Change The Instagram Icon – The Complete Guide

How To Change The Instagram Icon

It’s unbelievable! Instagram is celebrating its 10th birthday worldwide and seems to be the favorite app of many.  Instagram released a long list of new features to celebrate its ten years anniversary. The new updates are definitely a learning curve on the platform. In fact, users would certainly find the features as an excellent way  to win more Instagram impressions and further organic engagement . One of the attractive features is to change your Instagram app icon with the availability to choose from various options. Knowing how to change your Instagram icon conveys an impressive look with an elegant appearance. The release of the new Instagram icon works out for both Android and iOs users to customize their application in a more fun manner.

How To Change The Instagram Icon?

Instagram invites all users to celebrate success by choosing their favorite Instagram icon from various available options on the “Celebrate With Us” option. One of the best unique varieties of the Instagram icon is the polaroid icon and it looks more appealing. Are you excited to use the cool update of changing the Instagram app icon? Get on to the article to find out how to change the Instagram app icon on both iPhone and Android mobiles. 

How To Change Instagram Icon Color?

According to the new updates on changing your Instagram icon color, it exceeded the expectations of users by providing attractive colors on the icon. The feature works out well for Android and iPhone devices, you can just get it when you update your Instagram application.

The new version now available provides users with a plethora of excellent features like Instagram Reels and IGTV.  Providing an attractive color on your reels page tends to attract more audiences to interact with your videos. Adhering to an attractive color theme can make your reels look more awesome and acquire reels comments from audiences. Now you will see an instant boost in popularity for your account. Apart from this update, there is a blocking option to prevent your account from receiving sensitive content.

How To Change Instagram Icon On Android & iPhone?

Getting on to your mobile phone screen and finding the required application always needs zero effort. It can be achieved by providing attractive app icons that are easy to recognize. Are you the one looking ahead to gain a fresh look for your Instagram app on the home screen? Follow the steps below to get the ways to achieve it!

The ways to change your Instagram icon are similar for both iOS and Android users. Enjoy a new Instagram appearance with the following steps:

  1. Launch the Instagram app from the App or Play store.
  2. Login with your details and go to your Instagram profile page.
  3. Move on to the Settings page available on the options at the upper right corner.
  4. Then start scrolling down from the top until you see the chain of emojis. You may have to repeat the step until the appearance of secret icons.
  5. Once finding the emojis, you are on the secret page saying ‘Celebrate With Us’ with a collection of Instagram app icons to customize.
  6. Choose the required Instagram app icon that you want to change on the home screen. For a better appearance, select the Polaroid camera icon, which is the original Instagram icon when it was launched first.
  7. After selecting the required icon, click OK to confirm the change.

Finally, go to the home screen of your mobile and enjoy the updated Instagram icon. Moreover, if you wish to change to the original Instagram icon, you can go back to change it.

What Are The Options Available To Change Instagram Icon?

The Instagram algorithm, in total, contains 12 different icon designs to attract users to enjoy the new looks. The best first icons that have been present over the years are:

  • Codename
  • Original
  • Classic
  • Classic 2 and,
  • Current.

The other seven options are variations of the Current logo differentiating only the color. The options are:

  • Sunrise
  • Aurora
  • Pride
  • Gold
  • Dark
  • Twilight

Wrapping Up

Instagram is constantly introducing new updates to enhance the user experience. Try out all the fun ways to make your profile appealing by knowing how to change Instagram icons and enjoy customization. Consider the above engaging steps to bring out a great look with the eye-catching Instagram icon with an increase in account growth.

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